Ignorance can be bliss......

This rings so true for me..... When I set up Barbican Dental Care, aged 26, I had no idea how to run a business. All I had was a dream to provide local quality private dentistry to busy employees. Without really knowing what might be required, I happily called up local law firms, investment banks, stockbrokers and accountants to inform them about my wonderful new service that would offer same day emergency treatment, quality service and save time lost from work visiting the dentist. I had no experience with tenders, procurement and process.

I would even take the opportunity to promote the corporate service to new patients who worked locally. In fact, this was how I launched my first corporate dental plan. My emergency patient on xmas eve turned out to be the Managing Partner of the local law firm (now the world's largest!). Once I had completed his treatment I pitched the idea to him (without a drill in my hand). He invited me in to present and we won the contract. I later found out he had given me the nickname "The Maximiser" !

Move on 20 years we built 10 practices treating 50,000 patients a years and attracting 500 new private patients a month.

Looking back, I cringe at some of the approaches I made, but maybe the ignorance and confidence of youth can be a blessing.