• The Empowered Principal
    Become Winners in Dentistry

Empowered Principal

The empowered principal is one who is truly in charge of their own destiny. They understand their true Intention, Purpose and Identity. They are able to fulfil their own needs in addition to those of their staff and patients. 

An empowered principal is a leader. Leaders make decisions that drive the business and inspire their team. A leader is a great team player, keeping an open mindset to all challenges they face.

The life of a principal is often lonely, with no one really to share problems and discuss ideas with. Learning from and sharing his own experiences, Neil’s seminars will explore the areas that influence our daily lives, both professionally and personally, asking challenging questions that will open your mind and enable you to make positive steps forward.

When working with a practice he has invested in, Neil guides principals, helping to make the decisions that enable them to become Winners in Dentistry.