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The empowered principal dentist
8th May 2017
Neil Sikka is the empowered principal and a winner in dentistry. Read the full article below from
Unhappy dentists....
15th February 2017
A study by the BDA (British Dental Association) found: 47% of dentists have low levels of job satisfaction 44% of dentists have low levels of happiness 60% of dentists experience high levels of anxiety. I suspect that we won't receive much sympathy from the general population who see...
A little help can go a long way....
1st February 2017
I received the letter below today. An amazing charity, delivering free healthcare on a train throughout India: "Dear Neil, Greetings from Impact India Foundation (IIF)! We trust this message finds you well and in good cheer. We remember fondly the day when you took the trouble to...
29th January 2017
This rings so true for me..... When I set up Barbican Dental Care, aged 26, I had no idea how to run a business. All I had was a dream to provide local quality private dentistry to busy employees. Without really knowing what might be required, I happily called up local law firms, investment banks,...
1st November 2016
What did Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Gandhi all have in common. How did they become so successful at delivering their message? Why were they so believable? Did they just tell a great story, act as wonderful orators, deliver a good pitch. Or was it because they absolutely to their core,...
The Empowered Principal
16th October 2016
Victor Frankl, the holocaust survivor and renowned psychiatrist wrote extensively about his experiences in Auschwitz. He made many profound statements but there is one that always stays in my mind. "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose...
Practice management consultant
12th October 2013
Neil Sikka reveals why the building of Canary Wharf proved to be the foundation on which he built his own business. Read the full article below from
Dentistry Seminars
22nd March 2007
Neil Sikka tells his story to Private Dentistry. Check out the full article below from